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September 5, 2020

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Description PZ-7 mud pump PZ-8 mud pump PZ-9 mud pump PZ-10 and PZ-11 mud pump
Liner of Crosshead Upper 200PZG309 2012509 PZ222 200PZL309
Liner of Crosshead Lower 200PZG309 2012509 PZ222 200PZL309
Pin of Crosshead 200PZG189 200PZH189 PZ189 200PZL706
Extension Rod 200PZH839 1PO183 PZ183 200PZL839
Sub Rod        
Crosshead 200PZG005 200PZH005 PZ175 200PZL005
Pinion Shaft 200PZG371 2012507 1PZ371 200PZK371
Connecting Rod 200PZG003 2012506 PZ417 200PZL003
Bull Gear 200PZG280 2012508 1PZ180 200PZK280
Bearing, Crosshead 97A29 12BA44 12AM3 12BA5
Bearing, Pinion Shanft 12W75 12W58 12W60 12W73
Bearing, Eccentric 12BA18 12W85 12W84 12BA6
Bearing, Main 12BA20 12GF38 12GF36 12BA4
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