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September 23, 2020

Latest company news about RG MUD PUMPS PARTS LIST
Description F500 F800 F1000 F1300/1600
Liner of Crosshead Upper   RGF800-04.02 RGF1000-04.02 RGF1300-04.02
Liner of Crosshead Lower AH0501010402 RGF800-04.11 RGF1000-04.12 RGF1300-04.17
Pin of Crosshead AH0501010404 RGF800-04.09 RGF1000-04.10 RGF1300-04.12
Extension Rod AH0501010410 RGF800-04.08 RGF1000-04.09 RGF1300-04.11
Crosshead AH0501010401 RGF800-04.01 RGF1000-04.01 RGF1300-04.01
Pinion Shaft AH0501010302 RGF800-03.02/02A RGF1000-03.02/02A RGF1600-02.01
Wear Ring of Pinion shaft AH0501010303 RGF800-03.03 RGF1000-03.03 RGF1300-03.03
Carrier, Bearing Left AH0501010202 RGF800-02.02 RGF1000-02.02 RGF1600-01. 02
Carrier, Bearing Right AH0501010212 RGF800-02.16 RGF1000-02.14 RGF1600-01. 06
Connecting Rod AH0501010206 RGF800-02.06 RGF1000-02.06 RGF1600-01. 04
Bull Gear AH0501010210 RGF800-02.10A/C RGF1000-02.11A/C RGF1600-01. 05A. 00
Stuffing Box AH0501010403 RGF800-04.04 RGF1000-04.04 RGF1300-04.05
Bolt, Main Bearing AH0510202075010 RGF800-02.14 RGF1000-02.18/18A RGF1300-02. 16/16A
Bearing, Crosshead 5G354920Q 5G254735Q 5G254936Q RGF1300-04.19
Bearing, Pinion Shanft 4G32828H 4G32836H 4G32840H 3G3003760HY
Bearing, Eccentric 92984QU 928/508QU 929/558.8QU 929/660.4QU
Bearing, Main 3053738U 3G3003748HY 3G4053156H  
Oil Seal, Stuffing box, Crosshead AH0501010409 RGF800-04.06 RGF1000-04.06 RGF1300-04.21
End Plate, Pony Rod AH0501010406 RGF800-04.07 RGF1000-04.08 RGF1300-04.10
  AH0501010311 RGF800-03.10 RGF1000-03.11  
Double Oil Seal 5.87×7.125× 0.625 7.625×9.125×0.625 (8.5×10.5×0.625) RGF1300-04.08
Crankshaft AH050101020800 RGF800-02.08.00 RGF1000-02.08.00 RGF1300-02. 08. 00
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